Industry Links and State Regulatory Agencies

At Alliance Source Testing, we make sure our clients have the latest industry knowledge at their fingertips. Below you will find resources for industry acronyms, state regulatory agencies, testing method information, and general regulatory links to help answer your stack testing questions.

Terms & Acronyms

Sifting through the endless sea of technical terms and acronyms can be a daunting task for any environmental professional.  Have you ever wondered what acronyms like MACT, NESHAP, FTIR, HAPs, CGA, PM 2.5, LELAP, AETB, or ASTM meant?  What about technical terms like comprehensive performance tests, compliance demonstrations, linearity, continuous emissions monitoring systems, or destruction efficiency?  Well, you are not alone.  The good news is that we have all of your answers here in one easy to find location: United States Environmental Protection Agency


State Regulatory Agencies

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