The Field Technician’s primary responsibility is to perform routine field sampling operations and sampling equipment maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning and repair of sample media, coordinating with field contacts, mobilizing to multiple sites daily, and collecting oil, gas, and water samples safely. The Field Technician will report to the Oil & Gas Operations Manager but will also regularly engage with the Assistant Oil & Gas Manager for specific project support and assist laboratory analysts as needed.  Travel up to 5-days a week is required.

Project Functions

  • Coordinate with field contacts
  • Map sampling sites
  • Mobilize to sites at the time agreed upon
  • Collect requested samples according to recognized methods and SOPs
  • Provide a legible chain of custody and job notes
  • Log in samples upon return to lab

Administrative Functions

  • Accurate recording of time for project billing purposes
  • Maintain log of sampling media cleaning and servicing

Other Laboratory Functions

  • Ensure proper cleanliness and operation of oil and gas trucks, tools, sampling media, and other equipment
  • Help maintain cleanliness of laboratory and office area, especially the sample media room

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, especially in science, engineering, or related
  • Oil and Gas field experience preferred
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