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The Laboratory Administrator has two primary areas of responsibility. The first is to prepare field templates and other documentation for scheduled projects that involve laboratory samples. This includes reviewing project scope as presented in a proposal or test plan and identifying samples in conformance with EPA methodology, identifying and ordering audit materials, and ordering laboratory media. The second focus of the administrator is to review documentation from the laboratory such as order acknowledgments and invoices and confirm acceptability against the project scope of work and pricing. The administrator is outside of standard operations but will be classified as a Team Leader or Project Manager based on experience. This position reports to the Vice President of Analytical Services but will also regularly engage with both the Operations Group and the Technical Services Group company-wide for specific project support.


  • 4-year degree in chemistry, physics, or engineering, or MS in research field
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience with Source Testing or Environmental Laboratory
  • General familiarity with EPA Methodology

Project Functions

  • Prepare COC and Sample Labels based on project SOW
  • Review Order acknowledgements from sub-contract labs
  • Review Lab Reports for accuracy and confirm method performance is achieved
  • Confirm invoices against order acknowledgements post project
  • Assist with entering lab data into field templates

Administrative Functions

  • Accurate recording of time for project billing purposes
  • Maintain database for laboratory item updates
  • Order & record audit samples (SSAS) and laboratory performance






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