Jordan Laster of Alliance Source Testing Led the Charge

EPA’s Approval of Alternative Method 106 for Gas Engines!

In a relentless effort to improve data quality for our customers, Alliance Source Testing obtained EPA approval for using VIG Industries analyzers for non-methane, non-ethane VOC determinations on gas engines.

Alternative Method 106 (ALT-106) allows for an accurate and direct measurement of trace level VOC while mitigating the effects of background biases (i.e. methane and ethane) which can be substantially higher than actual VOCs. Accuracy at the single ppm level is critical to demonstrate compliance with current regulations in many states.

The use of ALT-106 also eliminates questions about catalyst performance with a non-methane cutter and about sample durability with Tedlar bags and secondary analysis. This direct interface measurement approach provides real-time non-methane, non-ethane VOC analysis thus eliminating any questions about whether the final value is above or below the permit limit. That’s right … you will know the results while our team is still on site, eliminating the wait for offsite laboratory analysis.

Alliance Source Testing is the leader of technical expertise in gas engine testing and ALT-106 is a prime example of our commitment to improve data quality for our customers. Please visit us online at or call Snapper Armstrong at 901-201-1115.
Details for ALT-106 can be found here.

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