Decatur, AL

The Industrial Data Quality Manager has two primary areas of responsibility. The first is to prepare field data entry templates for scheduled projects for industrial clients. These clients include, but are not limited to, secondary aluminum, pulp and paper, chemical plants and refineries. Template preparation includes reviewing a project scope as presented in the proposal and/or test plan, identifying the needed field data, and manipulating the Master template for the specific project. Template preparation also includes ensuring correct limits and calculations are entered prior to field use of template, ensuring that example calculations are setup, and communicating with project managers and field team leaders on projects. The second focus area is to field data review after the completion of the project. Field data review includes verifying manual data entry, validating calculations, confirming correct limits have been applied and ensuring data is formatted for reporting. This position reports to the Vice President of Technical Services but will also regularly engage with both the Operations Group and the Analytical Services Group company-wide for specific project support.


  • 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, mathematics, engineering or related field
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience with Source Testing and/or Environmental Compliance
  • Familiarity with EPA Methodology
  • Familiarity with EPA Regulations and Facility Operating Permits
  • Advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Project Functions

  • Prepare field data entry template for industrial projects
  • Communicate with Operations and Analytical Services
  • Review federal standards and permits
  • Review completed field data entry for industrial projects
  • Assist in updates and revisions to current Master Templates

Administrative Functions

  • Accurate recording of time for project billing purposes
  • Maintain tracking of templates setup and field data review in ATLAS






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