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Decatur, Alabama: Industry and the environment can coexist. That’s the claim of Alliance Source Testing. In fact, they have made it their mission to help industry succeed by specializing in the air analysis of industrial emissions.

“Why can’t the two work together?” asks Jeremy Hutchens, Alabama Operations Manager. “Our sole purpose is to work with our industrial partners to ensure that they are operating in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining compliance with ever-changing environmental regulations. In fact, optimizing process and control system operations to decrease air emissions can lead to substantial savings for our customers.”

That was the goal of Decatur-area native Chris LeMay, who currently serves as the company’s President and COO, when he helped start Alliance Source Testing in 2000. LeMay says, “Navigating today’s strict and complex environmental regulations can be a daunting task. We want to partner with our customers and help them succeed responsibly.” LeMay adds, “By employing highly-trained and knowledgeable team members, providing the best testing equipment available, and focusing only on air testing, we are able to accomplish this goal.”

As a result, customers across the country have taken notice. Currently, Alliance Source Testing provides coast-to-coast testing and compliance services from five regional offices. The company partners with customers who range across a broad industrial spectrum, from power generation to chemical plants, from natural gas compression to aluminum recycling. In 2014, Alliance Source Testing completed air testing projects in 32 states.

One of the factors separating Alliance Source Testing from other testing firms is The Alliance Advantage, simply stated: 2+2+2=The Alliance Advantage. This is Alliance’s guarantee that their customers will receive a cost proposal within TWO business days following receipt of a firm scope of work to be performed; a test plan within TWO business days following acceptance of the proposal; and a draft test report within TWO weeks following the completion of field work.

“Our industrial customers are busy managing and operating their businesses. So our job is to make air testing, whether driven by regulation or optimization, easy,” states Snapper Armstrong, National Business Development Manager. “It’s that simple.”

While the overall goal is simple, obtaining accurate emissions data while testing industrial processes in various types of environments is not simple. Alliance Source Testing uses the latest technology to ensure accuracy to the smallest detail. Arkansas Operations Manager, Ryan O’Dea, compares air testing to searching for a needle in a haystack. “Twenty years ago we were looking for air pollutants in the parts-per-thousand range. Today we are accurately measuring levels in the parts-per-billion and parts-per-trillion ranges. To measure these trace levels of pollution, we must invest in the latest technologies in order to obtain reliable data.”

Alliance Source Testing currently operates 15 state-of-the-art mobile labs. These mobile labs enable their project engineers and scientists to conduct experiments in a controlled environment on their industrial customers’ sites. As a result, Alliance Source Testing has seen rapid growth in engineering and process optimization projects throughout the country. “People sometimes think that we are merely compliance driven, but approximately 40 percent of our revenue is generated from engineering related projects where customers are working to improve their processes and emissions control systems,” adds Ty Bachelor, the company’s President and CFO. “These are exciting projects that have a huge impact on improving air quality while saving our customers money.”

With a laser focus on being the best emissions testing company in the industry, Alliance Source Testing continues to grow and is currently expanding at a rate of 30 percent per year. This growth ensures job opportunities for dedicated team members. The travel and long hours make our work challenging, but for those individuals willing to accept the challenge, the sky is the limit. The company has already implemented a 15 percent profit-sharing program and continues to search for qualified team members who are looking to make an impact on the environment, as well as improve industrial efficiencies throughout the United States.

About Alliance Source Testing: Through office locations in Decatur, Alabama; Little Rock, Arkansas; Tyler, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and West Chester, Pennsylvania, Alliance Source Testing is focused solely on providing accurate and consistent source testing solutions that allow their partners to make informed decisions and succeed responsibly.

Alliance provides Stack Testing Services to partners with permit, MACT, or NSPS testing requirements; CEMS Evaluations in support of Part 60, 63 and 75 programs; Onsite Analytical Services in support of testing projects including FTIR, GC/FID, GC/FPD, IC, gravimetric and multiple titrations; and Fugitive Emissions Evaluations in support of LDAR and Greenhouse Gas monitoring programs.

Specializing in compliance, engineering, and performance specification testing…Stack Testing is Our Business!

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