March, 26, 2020

Alliance Source Testing (AST) is continuing to work diligently to help avoid the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We strongly encourage customers, partners, and associates to follow social distancing recommendations and leverage technology to communicate and work together.

AST provides air emissions testing and compliance services to customers across the United States of America. Our customers are leaders in essential, mission critical industries to the US economy, including power generation, food and beverage production, petroleum refineries, oil & gas pipelines, chemical manufacturing, aluminum, steel/iron, automotive, building materials, pulp and paper, ethanol, landfill, and hazardous waste incineration.

AST operations are exempt from closure and travel restrictions due to the essential nature of our services. Without our essential services, AST customers would not have assurance that they were operating efficiently or within the confines of Federal, State, and/or Local laws pertaining to restrictions set forth on the type and volume of allowable air emissions. Our services are not only essential to our customers and the environmental regulators, but also to maintaining the air quality in our country and health of all our citizens. Our services are accredited by and fall under the regulatory purview of the U.S. EPA as well as state and local environmental regulatory agencies.

The safety and health of our people, our customers, and the communities in which we operate are our top priorities. Our facilities and employees are using best practices for workplace safety, social distancing and key protection practices from COVID-19. AST continues to closely monitor the latest COVID-19 updates daily and is taking all appropriate actions.

If you have any questions, please reach out directly via email to


Chris LeMay, CEO

Alliance Source Testing


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