Two Years Without an OSHA Recordable Injury

On April 21, 2016 Alliance Source Testing, LLC (AST) reached a two-year mark of ZERO OSHA Recordable injuries. Through continuous safety training and counseling, AST employees are informed and directed to use the best safety practices when working. AST employees...

Celebrating ZERO Reportable Injuries in 2015

ZERO Reportable Injuries in 2015 Alliance Source Testing, LLC (AST) completed the 2015 calendar year with ZERO reportable injuries. President and CFO, Ty Batchelor cited “attention to detail and focus on safety helped reach this important goal.” Considering the...

AST Receives TCEQ Accreditation

Decatur, Alabama Laboratory (AST Lab Services) Receives Accreditation On February 3, 2016 Alliance Source Testing’s (AST’s) Decatur, AL Laboratory (AST Lab Services) received its certificate of accreditation from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)....
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