Mercury Detection with the Alliance Advantage

Mercury Detection with the Alliance Advantage

Our advanced mercury analyzer, the RA-915M Portable Zeeman Mercury Analyzer by Ohio Lumex, measures mercury vapor concentration in stack gases and natural gas streams. It is top of the line in mercury detection. Our RA-915M Mercury Analyzer is a portable multifunctional atomic absorption spectrometer with Zeeman Background Correction, which eliminates the effect of potential interferences. It is the only highly sensitive mercury analyzer that does not require gold amalgam pre-concentration and subsequent regeneration. This enables the user to conduct real-time, second-by-second monitoring of vapor phase mercury and has an extremely low detection limit at 2 ng/m3. Our system has a wide dynamic measuring range and captures up to 122 continuous hours of data acquisition, averaging, and data storage. 

Sorbent trap analysis for M324 range from 1 – 100,000 ng.

The best technology available is just another facet of The Alliance Advantage.

The Alliance Advantage defines our commitment to unparalleled customer service and differentiates Alliance Source Testing from others who simply provide stack testing services. It is our guarantee that you will:

  • Receive a cost proposal within two (2) business days following the development of a firm scope of work;
  • Receive a test plan within two (2) business days following the receipt of documentation to proceed; and
  • Receive a draft test report within two (2) weeks following the completion of field work or within two (2) business days following receipt of laboratory data.

Put The Alliance Advantage to work for you

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