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The 4C Mission

4C’s mission is based on the core belief that involvement is key for compliance professionals. We believe when people come together to connect, they influence change that betters environmental practices of the entire community. The 4C mission is to provide an environment where compliance professionals come together to collaborate and connect with peers, and contribute to industry compliance, (that’s where the 4Cs come from).

The 4C HSE Conference

The 4C HSE Conference focuses on environmental regulatory, policy, health & safety issues, best practices, and technological advancements in the industry.

4C attendees learn from subject matter experts and industry professionals in breakout presentation sessions and expert-led training courses.

The training courses are designed to educate facility managers, technical personnel, and newly appointed HSE staff on existing and new health, safety, and environmental compliance strategies and best practices. Presentation sessions are offered on more than 10 topic tracks and range from introductory content to advanced topics, applications, and case studies.

300+ decision makers, managers, and representatives from 90+ refinery and petrochemical plants and service providers attend, giving attendees the opportunity to connect with peers who share professional education goals, experience the same challenges and opportunities in the refining and petrochemical industries.

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