On April 21, 2016 Alliance Source Testing, LLC (AST) reached a two-year mark of ZERO OSHA Recordable injuries.  Through continuous safety training and counseling, AST employees are informed and directed to use the best safety practices when working. AST employees encounter numerous hazards due to an always changing work environment.  Therefore, it is imperative for all employees to always be alert and aware of their surroundings. Achieving two years without an OSHA Recordable injury is a tremendous accomplishment by our entire team. It takes everyone working tirelessly to remain accident free.

Completing another year accident free is important to our company for many reasons, but probably the biggest reason is it keeps our streak alive of never having had a Lost-Time or Restricted Duty injury!

A commitment to informing, implementing, and integrating superior safety practices has allowed AST to excel in reaching these safety milestones. With annual training through the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC), Basic Orientation Plus (BOP), MSHA training, site-specific training and AST in-house training, employees are educated and taught the newest and most effective safety methods. Annual AST Training includes, but not limited to:

                -     Aerial Lift                                                                               -     Fall Protection

                  -     Fire Safety                                                                              -     Elevated Work Spaces

                  -     Ladder Safety                                                                        -     Electrical Hazards

                  -     Emergency Action                                                                -     Hazard Assessment

                  -     Hazcom                                                                                  -     Hand and Power Tools

                  -     Heat Stress                                                                            -     PPE

                  -     Bloodborne Pathogens                                                       -     Respiratory Protection

                  -     Compressed Gases                                                             -     Scaffolding

                  -     Noise Exposure                                                                   -     Vehicle Safety

                  -     CPR/First Aid                                                                       -     Hydrogen Sulfide Plan

                  -     MSHA Rights & Responsibilities


In order to successfully complete and maintain superior safety standards, AST is actively involved with third-party safety vendors. Some of our safety partners are:

              -     ISNetworld                                                          -     Avetta (Formerly PICS)

              -     PEC Safety                                                         -     V-Purchasing

              -     NCMS                                                                 -     Cognibox

              -     Tappisafe

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