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    The Alliance Advantage defines our commitment to unparalleled customer service and differentiates Alliance Source Testing from others who simply provide stack testing services. It is our guarantee that you will:

    • Receive a cost proposal within two (2) business days following the development of a firm scope of work;
    • Receive a test plan within two (2) business days following the receipt of documentation to proceed; and
    • Receive a draft test report within two (2) weeks following the completion of field work or within two (2) business days following receipt of laboratory data.
  • Alliance Source Testing provides source testing solutions to our partners throughout the United States. With our expertise in performing U.S. EPA, SW-846, CARB, NIOSH, and NCASI test methods, Alliance is uniquely qualified to provide customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective source testing solutions available. Whether for permit, NSPS, or MACT compliance demonstrations… Stack Testing is Our Business!

    Alliance provides high quality and well-maintained equipment; however, our team members provide The Alliance Advantage. All of our project managers and team leaders (along with over 75% of our entire testing staff) are Qualified Source Testing Individuals (QSTI) and put the needs of our customers first.

    Alliance Source Testing Understands the Value of Your Time

    • Alliance will provide the assurance that testing will be conducted correctly, the first time.
    • Alliance will allow you to minimize time involved with planning and coordinating stack testing projects.
    • Alliance will provide all applicable correspondence ahead of schedule so you can review as time allows.
    • Alliance will prepare Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT) data files for uploading into CDX.

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